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Benji Strokes

Dear webmasters, we shoot content for our websites only! We do not sell content! If you see our content used by other affiliate programs, please contact us!
Would you like to have a thumbnail on your site which links to a new picture of the day every day? Four sites in the AWM family now have a POTD program for affiliate webmasters. By linking to a page with an image which changes daily, you give your surfers extra content to enjoy and your surfers will be given the option to join each of AWM's sites. When they see how much they like the photo, they will be more motivated to sign up and whichever AWM site they join, you get paid! There are no leaks and affiliates get credit for all traffic. By entering your affiliate ID in the box below, you can autogenerate the code for either a thumbnail link or a text link to any of our pic of the day tools. Just cut and paste and you are good to go!

The picture of the day module is under construction at this moment. Please check later.

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