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Fat Sex Star
Wednesday 12/21/2016
- Today we released our new secure BBW website of BBW Star. In the last 8 years I have filmed many fat beautiful ladies in hardcore, lesbian and solo porn acts as a hobby. There is even some pinup sex scenes with huge table like asses holding wine glasses...unique never before seen phat girl sex. Some of it I filmed in Armenia, Turkey and Eastern Europe! Check it out!

Monday 11/21/2016
- AWM just released our new balloon popping website Looner Babe. In the last 16 years I have filmed many sweet sexy babes popping huge burstable balloons, while masturbating. Some balloons were popped during wild lesbian sex acts. unique niche sex. Check it out!

Monday 10/24/2016
- AWM just released our new kinky BDSM ART website Fetish 666. We have a lot of fetish content filmed a while ago, but did not have a chance to process it. Now slowly we will be adding these exclusive images and movies to this unique bondage porno site. Enjoy!

Monday 10/03/2016
- We just have released our new BBW interracial website Benji Strokes. The site will feature sexy BBW girls seducing black fat girls lover Benji Strokes and luring him to participate in kinky groups sex scenes. Unique and original HD movie scenes and high rez images. Enjoy!

Monday 09/21/2016
- We just have released our new huge BBW ass website Sexy Xxx Ass. The site will feature shy fat babes exposing their XXXL Booties to the public, but hiding their faces. Unique and original HD movie scenes and high rez images. Enjoy!

Tuesday 08/23/2016
- We just have released our new anal interracial group sex BLOG Xxx Anal Blog. The site will feature huge black dick porn actors drilling hot beautiful MILFs and Cougars in the ass during group porno acts. Unique and original HD movie scenes and high rez images. Enjoy!

Dear webmasters, we shoot content for our websites only! We do not sell content! If you see our content used by other affiliate programs, please contact us!


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As a webmaster, we know that every time you sign-up with a new sponsor, you spend a ton of time and energy promoting them. And you expect your hard work to pay off! After all, your TIME is MONEY. Of course, you also know that there’s no guarantee your efforts will make a profit… however…

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"Congratulations on a first rate and excellent website with great content. I stumbled across it by accident but am really glad that I did. Jade is fantastic and I would dearly love to see more of her she is so incredibly attractive and sexy. I'd love to see her in more space scenes as they are terrific and also as a French Maid or Nurse, these are very erotic and with her highly horny looks it would be great. Hope to see more of her and others too, keep up the great work!" Regards Andy

"Love the sites!!! I'll be here for life if you update enough......make a movie like this the robot cum...need more like that...violation by animation I love it...make a movie like that...I'll buy anything like that and if you need guys for me!!" Jeff

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